Week in the Life 2012: Complete

My Week in the Life 2012 album is complete! I ordered it as an 8x8 photo book from Shutterfly last night.

WITL2012: Title Page
Title Page
I decided to keep each of my days to 2 pages -  a main photo with the banner title on the first page and a photo collage with journaling on the second page. Honestly, I had six of the seven main photos selected before I realized Dylan was in every one which helped me picked the final one (Tuesday - not a lot of good & good quality photos that day). He might as well be in them all. :)

WITL2012: Monday spread
Monday, April 23rd

WITL2012: Tuesday spread
Tuesday, April 24th

WITL2012: Wednesday spread
Wednesday, April 25th

WITL2012: Thursday spread
Thursday, April 26th

WITL2012: Friday spread
Friday, April 27th

The photo of the fire engines was taken by Dylan using my point & shoot camera. I altered the template text box to note that. It was important to me to include a bit from his view of the week.

WITL2012: Saturday spread
Saturday, April 28th

WITL2012: Sunday spread
Sunday, April 29th

Following the "day pages" - I took inspiration from a Week in the Life closing page shared by Kristen W on Flickr. I liked the idea of a count of various parts of the week. Ours includes our ages; Dylan's stats (weight, height & clothing sizes); amount spent on groceries, gas, movies; number of miles walked; temperature fluctuations; etc. Across from it, I created a page with corresponding photos.

WITL2012: Overview spread
Overview: By the Numbers

Finally, since our week was unusual in several respects, I decided to finish the album with a spread documenting a "typical" weekday in our home right now since I'm sure by the next time we do this, it will have changed.

WITL2012: Typical Weekday Schedule
Weekday: Typical Schedule

Supplies: Week in the Life 12x12 Vol. 4 Layered Template Album and December Daily Layered Template Package Vol. 3 by Ali Edwards; Instagram app; Digi Essentials by Karla Dudley; Tweet, Tweet collaboration kit from oscraps.com; Arial, Arial Bold & Just the Way You Are fonts.


  1. So, so great Sarah. It looks gorgeous and what a fabulous keepsake. So in love with all of it. Well done, mama.

  2. Wow...that is really cool! I usually do a photobook each year to document the kid from one birthday to the next but it's not nearly as neat as a week in your life!

  3. yours turned out sooo nice. I like how you used the Ali Edwards digital stuff (her designs are great aren't they?!?!). I think the last page is a nice addition. I may have to incorporate something like that in mine. I haven't quite put mine together yet.

  4. I love your WITL, lots of great photos and I like the design!


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