Dino Garden

During a visit to Virginia last week, my mom was showing me her new succulent planter on her front porch (note to self: photograph it on next visit - so pretty!) when she suggested we help Dylan create his own. After a shopping trip to get a small, clear plastic container and digging into the toy bag in my car for a small dinosaur - we were ready to visit our friends, Karen & George, at Morningside Farm and Nursery.

With instruction (and a little assistance) from George, Dylan started the project by putting soil into his container:

Next he arranged the succulents:

Filled with a little extra soil. Then added a few small rocks to the top:

Finally, he placed his dinosaur into it's new "home."

I can't begin to describe how much he loves this little garden! I think it has visited every room in our house. He attempted to give it a ride on his trike (I intervened quickly fearing a crash). And even sat with it in chairs by our dining room sliding glass doors - chatting to it and sunning with it. So cute! Thanks, Karen & George!


  1. cute! glad he likes it so much. Maybe he will have a prized garden someday!

  2. penerjemah bahasa mandarin said: so interactive and it's really very interested...greeting


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