Shoot and Edit: week 51

Last Friday, the weather was gorgeous so Dylan & I headed to RDU's Observation Park to play and watch airplanes. He had a great time in the sand box while I got a chance to experiment with the new 55-200mm lens my dad gave me for Christmas. I had a hard time choosing one photo this week so I'm sharing two here.

It was fun being able to finally zoom in better on the planes! (My other lens is 18-55mm.)

Week 51: New Year 1 SOOC
ISO 100, ss 1/250, f5.6

And, I played around with a number of shots of the observation deck. Need to experiment further to get the flare how I want it, but still liking this shot:

Week 51: New Year 2 SOOC
ISO 3200, ss 1/1000, f5.6
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