Cars Pillowcase

Dylan finally got his own pillow a few months ago in a last minute, anything to get the child to go to sleep in his own bed moment (he never sleeps in our bed but wanted to lay there with his head on my pillow so I offered to give him his own). I wanted to get him a special pillowcase for it. Something fun and all his own. I looked for a Cars sheet set thinking it could be part of our switch from crib to toddler bed. But most came with a comforter (which we don't need) and he's still very happy in his crib & doesn't use a top sheet so no need to buy the full set. Instead, I pulled two fabrics from my stash and bought a third from Etsy to make him his own special Cars pillowcase. He loves it which makes this mama very happy. :)

In his crib with his Seahorse & Cars blanket (not exactly a match but he's happy!)
Detail of the fabrics

Supplies: cotton fabrics; Coats & Clark threads; pillowcase pattern from AllPeopleQuilt.com - Pattern 15.


  1. What a great idea Sarah! I'm glad Dylan likes his new pillow and case. Whatever it takes to keep them happy at bedtime! Stay safe this weekend.

  2. Super cute, Sarah! Very ingenious and stylish, too! We had the same kinds of issues when our daughter was that age. Wish I would have had that pillow idea!


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