Shoot and Edit: Up edit

I wasn't sure I'd get my edit in on time this week. I typically work on them on Thursday nights after Dylan is in bed when I have time to focus on Ashley's tutorial for the week. This past Thursday I was too exhausted. Then I was hit early Friday morning with a migraine that didn't subside until well into yesterday morning. By the time I was feeling better and shaking the fog of pain medications, I just wasn't into it so I waited until today. And I'm glad I did. Yesterday I had no interest in playing with textures. I just couldn't focus. Today I'm back to the "normal me" and saw the possibility of the texture in this particular photo and I got excited. I found the time (after Dylan's bedtime, naturally) to watch the video, download the textures and play. So happy I did because I'm really liking the result ...

I started my edit using Ashley's Nice & Easy action.  Then flattened my image, cropped it and added the texture layers.  Here is my final texture recipe:

And the completed edit:

I like how it has a bit of an aged look to it. :)  Oh, and for those that asked, yes, Dylan did make it to the top. He's gotten very good at climbing stairs at the playground (and even walking down sometimes) with those nice low handrails. Great place to practice!

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  1. I think your edit looks great - nicely done!

  2. Love the edit Sarah. And thanks for sharing your recipe.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Very nice effect! It does look like an older photo!

    Glad you're feeling better! Have a great week. :)


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