Easter Bunny photo

Last week our playgroup met at the mall for our annual bunny photo. The toddlers refused to stay near the Bunny by themselves so the five moms and one grandma present jumped in too. The two babies were pretty relaxed about the entire event. Honestly, I think one slept through it!

I had to laugh when I finally took a look at the photo. The toddlers look like they are getting mug shots - all so serious. LOL It was such a change from last year - not that getting the photo then was easy either as we had at least one runaway baby. After that adventure we had a nice, albeit chaotic at times, lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  This year it was Chick-fil-a in the food court. ;)

Supplies: Karen Funk's Bloom kit; Miss Mint's Hoppy Easter kit; Jenkins v2.0, 2ps Island Style and Arial fonts.


  1. they are so serious!! How funny!

  2. Love it! What a great memory. SO cute. :)

  3. Just adorable! What a difference a year makes! :)


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