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We enjoyed a visit this past weekend with my mother, stepfather and brother:

My brother has been taking photography courses in college and I asked him to do some shots of Dylan while he was here:

We took time on Saturday and Sunday mornings to get some of just Dylan as well as some of him with Trent & me. I can't wait to see the final results of what Christopher took - the few I saw glimpses of on his camera looked wonderful.

Mom & I made a quick shopping trip on Saturday to buy a couple items for Dylan including a bouncy seat. He wasn't too excited by it initially and needed his soothie to relax:

We're slowly trying it out a little bit each day and yesterday he actually fell asleep in it for a 20 minute nap.

He also got a cool pair of shades from his Grama:

He squints from the bright light outdoors even on a cloudy day like Sunday when we first tried them on. I was amazed they stayed on for our hour long walk. He scrunched his face up as though he might fuss, but then began blinking and looking around - almost as though you could hear him thinking "wow...I can see everything now." :)


  1. He is so adorable! Cute shades! :-)

  2. Cameron loves his bouncer! He actually prefers to be in it rather than the swing. He also has sunglasses, but they don't fit his little head yet. Dylan looks super cute in his though! :)

  3. He looks so cute in the sunglasses!

  4. cute pics...looking forward to seeing some of your brother's pics.

  5. Those bouncers are a big help. just give him more days and He'll love it!

    Can;t wait to se the pictures either!!! :)

  6. love that bouncer, and the shades look adorable. How did your brother's pics come out?


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