Thursday Thirteen #3: Random Pregnancy Tidbits

Today marks 25 weeks so I thought I would share 13 random thoughts related to my pregnancy:

  1. The bump has officially been around for 5 weeks.
  2. I really dislike sleeping on my side. I've been a back sleeper for years and am struggling to find a comfortable position on my side.
  3. I think Chester is trying to train me for baby duty. Recently he has literally cried in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. One night I got up, went to the bathroom and returned to find him snuggled into "his" bassinet - a basket full of clean clothes sitting at the foot of our bed. Totally fine. No need to wake me. Like I said, I think he's trying to prepare me. Crazy cat.
  4. I absolutely love my prenatal water aerobics class. The current session ends next Thursday, but I signed up for the spring session so will continue taking it weekly until I'm 35 weeks.
  5. My appetite has begun to increase. I can finally eat a full meal again except at breakfast. For some reason that particular meal (perhaps the empty stomach from overnight?) is still a struggle.
  6. I'm in love with Ziploc Twist 'n Loc containers. The 2 cup size perfectly holds my daily cantaloupe snack. I'm no longer craving it in the "I must have it right this second" way that I did in January, but still enjoying it.
  7. My other cravings include anything chocolate and Cheetos. Thankfully, I've been able to keep those two at bay a bit while letting myself indulge in as much cantaloupe as I desire.
  8. I still have no appetite for ham or bacon. And learned the hard way that soft shell crabs make me queasy as well.
  9. I weigh myself weekly and was concerned when the scale kept going down during the first trimester. The OB did not seem worried and the scale has slowly begun to creep up.
  10. Baby has been kicking me daily for the last 5 weeks. We even have a routine - morning, after lunch and at bedtime he'll happily play for me. :)
  11. I've told Trent numerous times that some of the kicks are strong enough it feels as though my belly literally moves. Monday night we both watched as little Baby accomplished just that.
  12. One of Baby's favorite spots to kick is my belly button - OUCH! I've gently nudged him away from there a couple of times.
  13. We still haven't decided upon a name. Good thing we have a couple more months. ;)

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  1. we didnt pick a name for our last one until he was a few days old. man i was sweating that! Its my Hubs fault though, he TERRIBLE about picking names. Also, I totally love the twist and lock contains, they are the best

  2. What a great list. I had different cravings with each of my girls. But, I did crave Cheetos with EVERYTHING with all of them.


  3. hi sarah, i can't believe you are 25 weeks already. I hope your pregnancy continues to go well.

    I just want to let you know (since you mentioned soft shell crabs) that while I was pg I learned that you are not supposed to have shelled seafood while pregnant, as there are toxins in there that may affect baby (though they would not affect an adult?), also peanuts (because it could develop allergy and soft cheeses (which of course I learned all this after having a huge shrimp meal with feta cheese! I felt so guilty!)

    I was told this by the home nurse who came to check on me every day. I just wanted to let you know, not scare you.

  4. Happy 25 weeks! :)

    Just a few comments on your thirteen:

    *I hate sleeping on my side too. I'm a stomach sleeper. Sleeping is somewhat like torture for me now.

    *My appetite is increasing too. Seems like if I don't have a 5-course breakfast my tummy is STILL growling. I usually don't eat much, so it's kind of weird for me.

    *Aren't chocolate and cheetos (not together) the best?! :)

    *Bacon is a no-no for me too. Also eggs.

    *Isn't it fun to watch your belly move around? My hubby loves it! :)

  5. I can't even imagine what the baby kicking feels like, must be so weird & great at the same time. I am excited and so happy for you:)

  6. Sarah, you should scrap this list. Your blog is so much like a modern day diary, but how will your progeny get to see it? Ive often wondered about that....SO print some out and keep in a pre-baby book (sounds like another scrapping project!)

  7. i lost weight in my first trimester so don't worry so much about the weight.. it will add up quickly. and it will come off quickly too.. especially since you are taking those classes.. also i would suggest a journal too. don't know if you are writing these things down.. i kept one with all of my children during pregnancy and it is fun to go back and see the changes.. i craved pimento cheese sandwiches and lemons.. and i hate pimento cheese.. have fun with the cravings..

  8. This is great and would make a fabulous layout!!

    Some soft cheeses are OK actually, but the key thing is that they need to be pasturized and a lot of the soft ones aren't! :O)

  9. Aw, Sarah these are all so cute! I'm just so excited for you. Thanks for sharing these! :)

  10. So fun when the baby starts kicking (except when they start using your bladder as a soccer ball, LOL). I think Colleen has a great idea about this being a good scrapbook page, maybe along with an updated photo of the bump!

  11. What a fun list. Perfect for a layout!

    I think I'll join Thursday13 next week :)

  12. Baby kicking is one of the best feelings ever!!

    And don't worry about the name - Natalie was going to be called Jennifer right up until a week before she was born, and then we changed our minds! LOL! :)

  13. Love your list and I agree with the comment about how you should scrap it. When I was pg with #1, I couldn't eat red sauce through out the entire 9 months which killed me because I love Italian.

  14. What a great list! This would be wonderful to include in your scrapbook!

  15. This is a sweet idea for TT. I really loved being pregnant - your list brings back memories. Particularly about food & eating; I was devastated that Round Table's Italian Garlic Supreme pizza made me queasy for 9 months...

    Have fun :D

  16. Fun little things to remember about this time. Cantalope is about the healthiest craving I ever heard of. Although I did crave tomatoes when I was pregnant with Gianna which is almost as good. I had my names for my first two way in advance but for the last two we went in to the hospital with two choices and my husband named her the moment he saw her. For Shaye it was Shaye or Riley with Mackenna it was Mackenna or Kaycee. Both times, I was glad he picked the ones he did. :)

  17. What memories this evokes for me! LOVE the bassinet for your kitty, heehee:) Our beagle sleeps UNDER the covers in our bed. Which is actually quite nice in the winter, lol, since she usually sleeps on my side of the bed.

    Our strategy this time was to talk about names on the way to the hospital;)


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