I've had 2 mentions over the past week....

Toni was so sweet with her blog post Cat Squares from Sarah. Very glad to know that Pickle and Aspen are enjoying their new toys! :) Aren't they beautiful furbabies?

The second mention was on a blog I recently discovered called 3,141 Postcards. I've always been fascinated by postcards. Enjoyed receiving them from friends & family on trips and purchasing some for myself as souvenirs (sometimes mailing them home to myself!). So when I stumbled across this blog, I was very intrigued. Carey is trying to collect a postcard from every county in the United States. Here's the one I sent: Raleigh (Wake County), North Carolina.

Thanks to both Toni & Carey for mentioning me!

And, thanks to everyone who stops in to read my various stories and peek at my latest craft projects. :)


  1. Thanks for the mention! If you want to privately give me your address, I can send you a postcard from Houston!

  2. You are so very, very welcome! I love your blog and the cats are still in love with their cat squares :)

  3. Followed your link from Shirley's award post. Really enjoyed reading your posts about homr renovations with kitty approvals.


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