Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

The weeks are starting to fly by and we're beginning to put together the nursery for Baby Girl.

Same as when Dylan was an infant, the nursery and guest room will be combined. We have the space in our new house to split them up, but there were a few times when he was little when I really appreciated having a full size bed in the same room. The guest room is larger than our other remaining bedroom and also quieter & darker.

Having an existing room to build off of gave me the inspiration for the colors. The comforter on the guest bed is navy blue. The dresser is one I found on Craigslist a year ago and painted yellow. I've recently acquired a changing table also from Craigslist and painted it the same yellow. Adding navy and coral elements such as the new fabric for the crib bedding to help tie it all together.

I'll share more photos as we make progress. Hoping to start sewing the bedding and new crib rail teething cover this weekend.


  1. These colors are really pretty, Sarah. I think they're soothing in a non-flashy kind of way!

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I'm trying to get a fun, feminine look without completely redoing the entire room and going all pink. I'm sure we'll get there in time once she has her own opinion. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I seem to be on a yellow kick this year. Added yellow towels in our master bath. Such a happy, cheery color. :)


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