The Painted Yellow Dresser

Our guestroom has been in need of a dresser and I wanted something unique for it. Ideally real wood and not too costly.

Our "new" yellow dresser.
Hence my search on Craigslist. I looked off and on for several months before spotting what appeared to be the perfect find. I emailed and, according to the seller, was the first interested person to show up. At $15 and solid wood, it was a deal.

It was also in rough shape.

Before: a diamond in the rough.
The hardware was part original, part replaced and damaged. There were scratches and scuff marks galore. The bottom drawer was barely together and literally fell apart during my drive home! I laughed and rejoiced over my find. I knew it could go from rough to gorgeous.

After a good cleaning, sanding and priming, I painted it in a golden yellow color.

Then added all new bronze drawer pulls.

New bronze pulls on the lower drawers.
Something I hadn't originally planned was to line the drawers. When I bought the dresser, it had a weird solid blue contact paper liner in every drawer. I managed to pull it out, but some areas remained a bit tacky. Rather than fighting it further or paint the insides, I purchased new liner and added it to the drawers. It's a bit fresher of a print and adds a nice fun surprise when you peek inside.

Top drawer with liner.
One of the top drawers currently holds the TV and satellite remotes while the lower drawers have extra sheets and towels. The one thing our new house was missing is a linen closet. The yellow dresser in our guest room now tackles most of that duty.

Side by side before & after shared on Instagram.

The entire project cost under $50. For a unique, custom solid wood piece - I'd say that's a win.

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  1. All I can say is wow!! I love how you saw the potential in this piece and gave it a new life. Amazing transformation!

    1. Thanks, Janet! It just really needed some love again. Seriously makes me smile every time I walk into that room now.

  2. Sarah,
    This is just amazing! The piece must just make the room so happy for your guests. Thanks for inspiring us!

    1. Thanks, Mame! It certainly brightens up the room. Such a lucky find. Currently searching out my next piece. :)


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