Goodbye. Hello.

Tuesday, September 25th was *the* day. The day we closed on the sale of our first house. The house we bought on a whim when we were young. The house where Trent proposed to me. The house we started married life in. The house & yard we poured our heart & soul into. The house we brought Dylan home to. There have been many, many more good memories and some not so good. But for 9.5 years almost to the day, it was "home."

March 2003

July 2012
The past few weeks have been filled with excitement, chaos and a bit of sadness all mixed as we found our way from closing on the old, renting back for a few days, closing on the new and, of course, literally moving every belonging we own.

As of a week ago, we are officially in our new house. Still getting settled. Still adjusting. The new house is starting to look and feel a bit like home. And the new memories have begun such as the moment my mom brought Dylan after our move and he ran from room to room squealing and jumping up & down with joy. I was too excited myself in having him back that I didn't even manage a photo. :) But it was a sure sign of many happy moments to come as we create our new home together.


  1. I'm glad the move is complete and hope you will be creating many more wonderful memories in your new home. Let me know where to find you.

  2. Congrats on the new home and being moved in and starting to settle! I know you said the new home will be long term, so just think of all the new memories that will be coming soon.

    Let's get together soon, Friday is usually good for us!

  3. So excited for you! Congrats! :)

  4. wow, your little house doesn't seem so little! I pictured it much smaller. I hope you enjoy your new home and all the memories you'll create there!


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