Toilet Tube Chicks

Yesterday morning, Dylan & I needed an activity so I searched Pinterest for an Easter project and came across Toilet Tube Easter Chicks at Happy Hooligans blog. Perfect. An easy project and I had everything we needed on hand.


  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Orange felt (not shown)
  • Tissue paper

We started by painting our tubes. Dylan was really into this at first. Then painting the tray of his highchair became more fun so I had to help him finish the tube!

Next, I had him point to where he wanted his eyes and beak. We went one at a time and with each I put a dot of glue, then he placed each piece.

Finally, he decided to skip gluing tissue paper to the sides, and instead stuck it out each end! I love that he made this project into his own. :)

And, I'm glad I had the camera ready to snap off a couple of quick photos because moments later he tore it apart. Then we had a new activity as he experimented with the pieces himself along with a glue stick I gave him. Part of the fun of crafting with a toddler - you never know entirely where you will end up!


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