Mother's Day

Hope all the mommies had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.  I asked my sweet boy for a hug and got several so I considered myself pretty lucky.  :)  

Here's the card I sent to my mom:

I made it a few months ago at a Stamp A Stack workshop taught by my friend, Bonnie.  She came up with some wonderful card designs for us to create and all of the pieces were ready to go.  I just had to stamp and piece together - the fun parts! :)  Check out Bonnie's blog Stamping with Klass for more great card ideas.

Supplies: Stampin' Up

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice mother's day! The photo of you and Dylan is just adorable. :)

  2. congrats on your first mama's day with your babe! he is a cutie!!

  3. You are just glowing. I love seeing how much you enjoy being a mom. Glad you can enjoy this time with Dylan. Thanks for the plug.

  4. He is so cute can't believe how big he is already. You look great. Love the card.


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