10 Months

Another month full of firsts and new adventures. It's such fun watching Dylan grow and a little bittersweet - it seems like time is already passing too quickly.

* Still in love with self-feeding.  Current favorite foods are peas and cantaloupe.  I wonder if the latter comes from all I ate during pregnancy!  LOL  New to his menu this month - quinoa, blueberries, pineapple, hamburger, and roast beef.

* First tailgating and baseball game. We hit the road to Greenville, NC, to visit Aunt Mary and Uncle Zac and cheer on the ECU Pirates.

* Teeth! The bottom left made it's appearance and within a few days the bottom right showed up as well. This meant it was time for his first toothbrush and toothpaste. He loves using the toothbrush to chew on.

* First puppet show.  We went downtown with friends to the Kazoom Children’s Theater.  The show lasted about 45 minutes and Dylan sat still for about the first 30.  Pretty good for a little guy who loves being active.

* Walking with a little assistance from us or a toy.

* Learning to say "hi" and "bye" (sounds more like "ha" and "buh"), wave and give a high-five.

* Visited the NC Botanical Garden, PlayNation, Kidzu Children's Museum and the new NC Museum of Art.

* Took a trip to VA to celebrate Uncle Christopher's college graduation. And had fun petting Tia but wasn't very thrilled with all the licking.

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  1. Aww, look how big he is! Dylan is so adorable. You're doing a great job capturing memories of this special time! :-)

  2. Adorable! He is such a big boy now. I can't believe how much they look like little boys now!

  3. It's been a long time since I came here...

    Love Dylan's pics. he is so cute. I lvoe two-teeth smiles!

  4. So adorable and how quickly Dylan is growing. Watching them grow is bittersweet. It's so exciting to watch them learn and try new things but then again it all happens so fast. Happy memories!

  5. just adorable! I can't believe how big he is already!


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