Diaper Bag Love

Last April a group of friends from church gave me a surprise baby shower and part of their gift was the diaper bag we'd registered for. Trent & I picked out the bag on a whim while registering at Babies 'R Us because he said he'd carry it. If the husband will carry the diaper bag, that's a winner. ;)

"The bag" was the System bag by JJ Cole Collections. I have loved using this bag - it has a great organizer pocket on the front and comes with stroller attachments, a pacifier pod (easy to keep our beloved Soothie nearby when out & about), and a changing pad tote. That said, you can imagine my disappointment last month when I noticed that the fabric was beginning to pull apart around the zipper to the main compartment. Since I'm still not working, purchasing a new bag would be an extra expense we don't need right now. So I decided to take my chances and call the company directly to see if there was any way to get it repaired or replaced.

Any time I call a company, I expect to hear an automated system. Listen to a dozen options. Press a button. Maybe listen to a few more options. Maybe listen to music or a commercial while waiting as patiently as possible for a real human being to answer the phone and talk to me. Well, I nearly fell out of my chair when a real person answered immediately! And she was polite and helpful. Took all of my information and promised I would get a call back.

Sure enough, the next day I received a call. Explained the problem. Emailed a few photos. And last Friday the replacement bag arrived at my door:

Even Cali likes the new bag. :)

They were kind enough to replace my bag with the newer design - the System 180 bag. I definitely loved my old bag, but, oh my, am I madly in love with this new one! Along with all the great features of the original, this bag is a bit larger and has an extra pocket.

I can't say enough positive words about JJ Cole & their wonderful employees. It's nice to find a company that stands behind their product and people who obviously enjoy their job & assisting the customer. Many thanks!

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  1. When my kids were babies I had a serious obsession with buying diaper bags. They replaced my purse fetish for a while. LOL. Great diaper bag you got. That was really great of the company to replace it. :)

  2. I love when companies have good customer service!

  3. Wow, that is GREAT service! I agree with you -- it's almost a surprise nowadays to get that kind of help. The bag looks wonderful!

  4. That's awesome! Love good customer service like that.
    LOL...I have NEVER purchased a diaper bag. Nope, never. Nor have I ever received one from any friends/family. We just limp along with the ugly ones the hospital gives out or re-purpose a generic bag.


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