7 Months

At 7 months, Dylan is growing too fast! I need a pause button. LOL

* Ever increasing menu ... Dylan is now eating peaches, pears, apples, zucchini along with the acorn squash, sweet potatoes, peas and carrots from last month. Tried puffs but wasn't interested just yet. He made a face and spit it back out. When we tried bananas, he actually said "bleh!" while spitting it out.

* Moved from the infant car seat to a new "big boy" car seat.

* "Played" in the snow [more like Mom & Dad drug him out in it . . . ok, let's be honest here, Mom did because she needed pictures to scrapbook. ;) ]

* Went swimming for the first time.

* Sits unsupported and has great posture.

* Moved from Pampers Swaddlers 2-3 diapers to Pampers Cruisers 3.

* We lowered the crib mattress down one level.

* Almost crawling - can scoot all over the floor.

* Enjoyed Valentine's Day - especially opening (and eating) all of the cards.

* Still sticking anything and everything in his mouth. Teething but no pearly whites just yet.

* Went to a Play & Learn class at Gymboree.

* New yesterday - learned to sit up all by himself!

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  1. so cute! and getting so big!

    it'll be time for another one pretty soon ; )

  2. OH my goodness he's getting so big! What a cutie Sarah. That smile melts my heart!

  3. Look at Dylan on all fours! So adorable! It is so fun to read what all he is doing and how big he is too, compared to Cam. :)

  4. Gosh Sarah he is growing up and doing a fine job at it! How could he be getting any cuter but he is! Loved looking at the photos and sure miss you!

  5. Wow, I can't believe he is 7 monts already. He is so cute and smiley and seems so happy. What a fun to, so glad you get to enjoy it.

  6. No way it has not been that long!


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