Three Months

The months seem to be passing faster and faster. I continue to be amazed at all the new things Dylan does as he grows. A few changes I've noticed during the past month...

* improved eye and hand coordination. Instead of just batting at objects, he is grabbing a hold of them:

He can pull the owl toy off his bouncy seat and gets a bit frustrated at times that he's not strong enough to pull the fish off the gym yet.

* rolls to either side from his back or tummy. Prefers to roll to the right.

* mastering longer stretches of tummy time. Although when he's flat on the floor (versus propped up on the Boppy), he tries to get out of it by rolling over to his back or by taking naps:

* has learned to reach out and grab toys in front of him when propped up on the Boppy for tummy time:

* loves looking around at everything around him - particularly faces. And he's starting to take notice of the cats. He'll stare at them if they get close enough.

* will respond to comments with coos and smiles. And when left alone in his crib or playpen, will chat away to the animals on his mobiles.

* loves holding and touching objects as well as sticking them in his mouth.

* is 26 inches long! He now wears clothing sizes 6-12 months depending upon the brand and size.

* more smiling:


  1. he's adorable!!:)in that last photo he looks like a toddler!

    (and I just noticed on your sidebar the circle scallop punch for 13.99 - I paid 22 for mine, yikes! but then again that could be a difference in Canadian vs Amercian dollars)

  2. He is so cute!! And he is doing great. All of those milestones are so precious when they are little.:)

  3. Ahhh is Dylan ever growing and changing and sounds like in no time at all he will be stronger then me *lol*. Interesting he pulled the owl out!! That's my boy!! Darling photos Sarah and amazing info! Love Ya Gal! Smooches for Dylan!

  4. Look at that smile! Oh, my goodness...what a sweet little guy! Love hearing the updates, Sarah!

  5. adorable pictures and way to capture all the changes going on so quickly! such a doll he is!

  6. He's such a doll. Hope those cats stay far away--he'll put them in his mouth too.

  7. Oh my goodness, he has the greatest smile! What a fun time, so glad you are getting to stay home and enjoy Dylan for now.

  8. Oh my gosh - I swear he is the MOST adorable baby boy I have ever seen. I'm not kidding- he's so cute!! His grin is adorable!!!!


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