I've been tagged by Shirley and Gabrielle. :)

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Here are my 7 random/weird facts:
  1. I love visiting National Parks & Historic Sites and getting cancellation stamps in my Passport Book.
  2. I love Sudoku puzzles.
  3. I can wiggle my ears.
  4. I'm allergic to grass. It's something I've assumed since childhood, but had proven during allergy testing in 2006. And, of course, the two types I'm most allergic to grow in my own yard!
  5. I don't like barbecue and that's practically a sin living in the South.
  6. I can't eat fish - causes an asthma attack.
  7. In high school I was a member of the math club.
I'm tagging Lynn, Tina, Linda, Theresa, Janet, Benita and Lida. Looking forward to reading your responses! :)

Sudoku layout created September 2006. Inspired by 9/25 of dw2006.
Supplies: Basic Grey patterned paper; QuicKutz star font; 2ps Flower Pot font; Making Memories snaps; Li'l Davis rub-ons; scrap cardstock & ribbon.


  1. Love your answers - another sudoku fan here too!

  2. Loved reading your answers :) I just did the tag on my blog.

  3. You don't like Barbecue?!! Holy Moly! LOL - you'd better get in a witness protection program or something before your neighbors find out! ;)

  4. Fun list! And I can imagine how that goes down that you don't like barbecue! Is it the sauce or the way the meat is cooked?

  5. I just realized that I read your blog, then went and did my tag and never came back to comment. I'm way to distracted. Loved reading your list.

  6. I love reading these. Interesting facts:) TFS!

  7. I love Sudoku too! They are so addicting!

    I tagged ya on my blog too! :)

  8. Great list! Thx for the tag. After a crazy few days I'm finally getting to it! Janet


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