Rainy Day Fun

This week has brought plenty of rain which we needed (although not quite as much as we received) and mostly trapped Dylan and me indoors.  We ventured out a bit to splash in the puddles early in the week (note to self: we need to get him a good pair of rain boots).  But I digress, the real story here is the fun we had yesterday afternoon.  Who says you can't have a good, dirt filled adventure in the rain?

The pickle pot at our front door had a beautiful arrangement that I bought in the spring and managed to keep alive through the summer.  A very hot September, a forgetful waterer (yes, that would be me) plus a vacation led to this:

Not exactly a warm greeting on our porch.  Looking over the October issue of Better Homes & Gardens (how I love this magazine!), I saw
the perfect solution.  Admittedly, I regularly see ideas in their issues and have great intentions of following through and trying them, but instead life gets in the way.  This time, I decided to seize the rainy day and find a bit of adventure for Dylan and me.  The idea looked simple enough - I needed a pot (check), sedum (check - it was grown from a clipping from my mom's plant and desperately in need of a new pot), ivy and pansies.

Off Dylan and I went to purchase our supplies. I arranged it all at the end of our driveway with the pot in the grass.  This way we wouldn't be standing in the soggy yard, but also could just brush our extra dirt into the grass and not have to sweep up.

My little assistant had a blast playing with the trowel and dirt:

After we finished, I returned the pickle pot to it's location with the "welcome" rabbit next to our front door and added 2 pumpkins my step-father grew in his garden for Dylan.  We were both a wet, muddy mess but it was worth it for the fun we had.  Today the sun reappeared in time for a photo of our much more welcoming entrance:


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