11 months

I can hardly believe we are just 1 month shy of Dylan's first birthday. He's looking less and less like my baby and more like my little boy.

This month Dylan:

* Moved into his new room.

* Explored several parks in our area. Tunnels are still a favorite:

* Began waving goodbye.

* Celebrated Memorial Day weekend with friends at a party:

* Learned to stand without assistance. As soon as he realizes what he is doing, he either reaches out for something to help balance himself or squats to the ground.

* His third tooth (left lateral incisor) began breaking through the gum.  Still hasn't made it's full appearance though.

* Mastered putting the balls into the holes on his dinosaur toy:

* Started saying "ba" for ball and "duh" for duck (the latter sometimes comes out as "a-duh" which I quickly realized was because I kept saying "there's a duck" to him. Oops!).

* Met my paternal grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousins during a day trip to Virginia. My cousin's son, Grant, is just two days younger than Dylan. It was fun to get them together and watch them play:

* Ate barbeque for the first time and loved it.  He literally slurped it down.

* Began bouncing up and down at the knees while standing and holding onto something. He laughs at himself while doing it. So cute!

* Enjoyed a week long visit from my mom - his Grama.

* Went swimming in the big pool in our neighborhood with a little assistance from a float my mom brought for him to use:

* Went into downtown Raleigh for a visit to Artspace, lunch in City Market and a walk around Fayetteville Street.

* Appears to be going through a growth spurt as he is eating and eating and eating.  And he loves everything even bananas now (which used to get a "blech" response while being spit out).

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  1. Aww, so cute. Cameron is glad Dylan finally likes bananas. He says he's been missing out! ;)

  2. Aww, he is so cute. I can't believe how big he is getting.


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