Two Months

How is it we've reached two months so fast? It's amazing to watch the day-to-day changes as Dylan grows...

* was wearing 0-3 month clothes at the beginning of the month. By the end, he was too long for some and started wearing 6 month clothes!

* holding head up for longer periods.

* had his first visit to church and slept through most of it:

but, he did manage to stay awake for our church directory photo taken just before the service:

* taking interest in his mobiles. Dylan loves watching his crib mobile spin round & round. He's a little disgruntled the playpen mobile is stationary and gets very excited when Mom or Dad shakes it to make the animals swing.

* finds his father funny and enjoys laughing with him.

* has outgrown his bassinet and began sleeping in his crib at 5 weeks.

* working on tummy time each day. Not particularly enjoying it, but at least no tears are shed - just a few unhappy grunts and squished up faces:

* babbling a lot - both to whatever is around him (mobiles, toys, ceiling... LOL) and in response to others.

* took his first tub bath which, despite the face, he did enjoy:

* tries to imitate sounds from Mom & Dad. "Hey" is his current favorite. He'll watch our faces intently and then attempt a try. Sometimes it's only mouthed and sometimes he has sound to it. Regardless, it ends in a big smile and a repeat of the game.

* focus. It's very obvious that Dylan can see things around him much more clearly and is taking it all in. Whether it's thoughtfully staring at a new face or contemplating his next attack on the animals hanging over his bouncy seat.

* smiling! Lots and lots of smiling especially when Mommy blows kisses at him. :)


  1. what a cutie! Your family photo is so nice also!

  2. Great family photo and such a beautiful smile he has!

  3. Love the family photo! Cam is talking up a storm too. I can't wait to hear him laugh more. He does it some, but not enough for me. :) And be glad you don't have any tears shed during tummy time. I think Cameron sheds enough for himself and Dylan. Sheesh. I have totally given up on tummy time.

  4. Oh Sarah, he is just adorable, I love the family photo too. He is growing so fast.

  5. He is so precious! He's going to be a big little guy at the rate he is growing. :-)

  6. Aw, he's so beautiful! Great pics. And I totally get how fast they grow - my baby girl is already a year and a half!!


  7. He is such a sweet boy!!!
    I remember tummy time!! Neither of my kids were fond of it!! I used to put a mirror down for them to look at themselves!

  8. aaww, love the pics, even the 'squishy face'

  9. Dylan is such a cutie, you guys look great in the family photo and he is super adorable.

  10. He's adorable! Keep the updates coming; I sure like to see what he's up to:)


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