Summer Love

Laura tagged me a couple of days ago to list my five favorite things about summer...

  1. Beach trips. We're very fortunate Trent's parents own a small place just south of Myrtle Beach so we can easily take a weekend (or week long) trip to the beach.

  2. Baseball games. For the last 3 or 4 years, we've given each other mini-plan tickets to the Durham Bulls (Tampa's AAA team) as a Christmas gift.

  3. Our garden. I enjoy all the beautiful colors in my flower garden and the delicious fresh grown vegetables & herbs from our vegetable garden.

  4. Grilling out. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, kabobs, veggies, etc - all so delicious fresh off the grill.

  5. Long days & warm weather. I love getting off work and still having a couple hours of daylight to enjoy especially if we can spend them outside taking a walk, relaxing in the backyard, etc.
I'm tagging Emily, Benita, Darcey, Tere, and Sandra.


  1. What great summer photos! I absolutely love the ocean and would love living close like you do.

  2. Say happy velated bithday to Trent!!!! You look super bonita.
    You are so very lucky to have a beautiful vegetable garden, it looks great!!

  3. These are all awesome summer photos...I do miss the ocean!

  4. What a great garden! You have such a nice list of summer stuff..simple...fun and great photos too!


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