Painting Fun

I've been having lots of fun recently gathering crafty ideas on Pinterest that I can do with Dylan. As hot as it is, we need indoor activities to keep us occupied. Two of the ideas we've tried involve paint - Kool-Aid paining and Shake & Paint.

Dylan, Lily & I experimented with Kool-Aid painting a week before trying it with one of Dylan's friends. Although at 10 months, Lily isn't quite into brush to paper, she did manage a few strokes before the brush went to her mouth. I appreciated that our "paint" was just drink mix & water thus didn't have to worry about her tasting it minus the stain of red around her mouth. ;)

To make the "paint" - we mixed a package of Kool-Aid mix with 1 tbsp of hot water:

Dylan & his buddy, Grant, were serious about their painting ... at first. Moments later they were splattering it everywhere. I think only my kitchen ceiling missed getting hit. LOL

Because paint isn't just for brushes - you have to get your hands in it! The one warning about Kool-Aid painting, even after washing your hands, they will be temporarily stained:

But it's all worth it for fun with your friends and cool paintings. Here's what we created:

Then yesterday I was searching for another indoor project to do with Dylan & Lily when I came across Shake & Paint. It's an idea I had seen before but forgotten. Lily left before we started (I think she would have enjoyed rolling the can so we'll try again another day). Dylan helped me line up our supplies on the kitchen floor: paper, crayon bits, paint and a can (yes, that's the can I decorated for his birthday party!):

We rolled the paper inside of the formula can. Dropped in our crayon bits and squirted a bit of paint:

Then came the fun - securing the lid and shaking!

We peeked inside and found some colorful blobs on the paper:

We put the lid back on and tried rolling the can. This moved the crayon bits, and thus the paint, up higher onto the paper. After pulling out that sheet to dry (top right in photo below), we experimented further. We tried squirting the paint down the paper vs directly into the bottom. Dylan squirted a bit of paint (which equaled LOTS of paint as well as paint on floor - good thing it cleans up easy!). Our finished masterpieces:


  1. sounds like fun and always good to show unconventional ways to do things...that there is no right or wrong way and the result is always worthwhile.

  2. i like these! definitely going to have to try that with grant!

  3. Ha! The kids were caught red-handed! :P I'm featuring this on this week's It's Playtime! Love the cute handprints that were made with the Koolaid paint!


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